Four Fantastic Groomsmen Gifts

Just as the bride will give her maid of honor and bridesmaids gifts as thanks for being her support through her wedding, the groom should give his best man and other groomsmen gifts. Here are four fantastic options:

Baseball Bat


If your attendants are all sports fans, a personalized baseball bat is an excellent choice. It makes a great addition to any man cave and will be a memento he will cherish. It can also be paired with a personalized baseball for an extra special gift.

Cigar Holder


If you plan on sitting back and puffing on a cigar before you head to the altar, give your groomsmen a cigar holder. These look great and can be engraved with your wedding date and a special message. They can be paired with a lighter, too.

Beer Glass


With an engraved message or date, a beer glass is a wonderful functional gift your groomsmen will love.



This is the classic groomsman gift. An engraved pocket flask is something that gives a cool, timeless touch to your wedding party.

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How to Create the Perfect Sand Ceremony

A sand ceremony is a beautiful way to show the joining together of you and your fiance. It is a nice alternative to the unity candle ceremony, and leaves you with a cherished memento that you can display for years to come. The sand ceremony is also better for outdoor ceremonies, which can present some challenges for a candle ceremony.


The exact way a sand ceremony works can vary to suit your needs, but it will generally proceed in the same way. First, the groom will be invited to pour some of his sand into the vase. The bride will follow with some of her sand. Then both will pour their sand in together at the same time. The result is contrasting layers of sand topped with a blended layer of both sand colors.

For couples with children, they can be given another color of sand and invited to add their own layers. The ceremony can also be combined with your vows, with a back and forth of sand and vows as you fill the vessel.

Unity sand comes in a wide variety of colors, so you can find a combination that works well for your wedding decor, home decor, or that has a special meaning for you as a couple. You can also choose from many types of vessels. Whether you choose a vase, bottle, or even a picture frame, you can find something that will suit your home and that you will cherish for years to come.

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Why Use a Money Bag and Card Box at Your Wedding

On your wedding day, your guests will be there to wish you the best start possible to your life as a married couple. For many of them, this will include offering you a check or cash gift. One way of receiving these gifts is to carry a money bag, and another is a card box.


A money bag is a small purse that the bride carries at the reception. Guests can hand over checks or cash, knowing that they’ll be safely with you. If you are planning a money dance at any point during the reception, the money bag can be a convenient way for your guests to pay for their dance with you. It also keeps your cash in one place, which can be a big help as the evening goes on.


A card box functions in a similar way. Most of your guests will want to give you a congratulations greeting card, and a card box gives them a central place to put these. By keeping the cards all in one place, it also offers some security for cards that might contain monetary gifts.

For your wedding, you should consider using one or both of these fantastic accessories. Both will give an elegant touch to your wedding reception and allow guests to help you start your life as newlyweds. To find out more about money bags and card boxes, check out our full selection of wedding reception accessories today!


How to Make Your Bridal Garter Toss an Enjoyable Event

In plenty of weddings, the bridal garter toss is considered as among the vital and most enjoyable parts of the event. During this part of the reception, the groom removes the garter from his bride’s right leg. He then tosses it to a group of awaiting single men. Whoever catches the garter will be the next to marry, just as the single woman who catches the bouquet is also said to share the same fate.


If you plan to include the garter toss in your wedding, here are some things you should remember to make the event an enjoyable one:

·      Sit on a chair and angle yourself to the crowd.

·      You can avoid having your dress lifted too high by pushing the garden closer to your knee. Another option is to remove the garter by yourself and hand it over to your groom.

·      Surprise your fiancé with a themed garter he will enjoy. For example, use a camouflage garter if he is a hunter or a military man. Another option is to customize the garter with beads and other materials that you find fitting for the event.

Many consider the garter toss as the naughtiest part of a wedding reception. You can play along with this concept and have your DJ or band play some songs that will add to the moment. Here are some songs that your chosen entertainment can play during the garter toss:

·      Mission Impossible theme song

·      You Sexy Thing by Hot Chocolate

·      Dirty by Christina Aguilera

·      Legs by ZZ Top

·      Thong Song by Sisqo

If you’re still on the lookout for a garter to use for your wedding, you may visit our collection for some options that you can use.

Should You Include an Aisle Runner in Your Wedding?

When it comes to planning your wedding, you have to be thorough with the decisions that you make. Particularly with your wedding decorations, you have to carefully decide if you would like to use a particular item for your wedding ceremony or reception. A good example here is the use of an aisle runner for your wedding ceremony. While it is a great addition for your bridal march, it may not always be a good idea to include one.

Here are some pros and cons to help you decide whether you should use one in your wedding: 



They are Stylish

Aisle runners can make your wedding look stylish, thanks to the different colors and styles that they are available in. Depending on your theme, you may go with the color that best fits your personality. By having an aisle runner, you also get to feel like you are walking on your own red carpet.

Keeps Your Dress Clean

Especially if you will be having an outdoor wedding, the use of an aisle runner can be a great way to keep the hem of your dress clean. You can keep your dress free from dirt and grass stains by adding an aisle runner to your venue.


They Might Cause Accidents

Although not all the time, you may encounter trips and falls if you use an aisle runner in your venue. This commonly happens if the aisle runner was not attached properly. In order to avoid this, make sure that your aisle runner is free from wrinkles.

They Might Sail Away in the Wind

Including an aisle runner in your outdoor wedding is a beautiful way to make your ceremony look more appealing. However, you have to ensure that it is properly and securely attached. This is because if there is a strong wind, it might get carried away by accident.

There’s no doubt about how good an aisle runner can look in your wedding ceremony. Make sure that you find a secure aisle runner that will not wrinkle easily. Browse through our collection of aisle runners to help add beauty to your wedding ceremony.

Tips to Planning Your Own Bachelorette Party

Traditionally speaking, it is the Maid of Honor who hosts the bachelorette party for the bride. However, this is not really a strict rule on who will be hosting the party. There are even some brides who choose to plan their own bachelorette party so they can be in control of the decisions. If you would like to plan your own bachelorette party, here are some of the things you will need to arrange:


The Guest List

Because bachelorette parties are often intimate gatherings, it is best to invite up to 20 people to be part of the celebration. Mostly, your guests during the party are also the women whom you have invited to be part of your bridal entourage. You may also include your own mother and future mother-in-law to be your guests at the party.

Choosing a Date

No matter how you plan to celebrate your bachelorette party, make sure that you steer clear of having the party on the night prior to your wedding day. You wouldn’t want you or your bridesmaids to have a hangover during your big day. Instead, you can celebrate it at least 2 or 3 nights beforehand.


No bachelorette party will be complete without props—from sashes to veils. Props have always been widely used at bachelorette parties so that the bride-to-be can be identified and treated special than her other guests. You can have fun with your friends during your bachelorette party with these props.

Make sure to plan your bachelorette party in advance so you do not have to struggle in organizing it. If not, you can always have your Maid of Honor plan it for you. She will be pleased that you have asked her to help you out. At the same time, you do not have to add to the burden of having to plan your wedding day too.

Wedding Favors: How to Pick One for Your Guests

Your wedding day marks the start of your life with your husband and your guests are there to witness your exchange of vows. When the wedding is over, you will be relieved that all the planning, worrying, and stressing has already ended. Yet there are still some things that you will need to take care of—one of them is to send out wedding favors to your guests. By sending these out, you get to thank them for the time they spent in attending your wedding.


Throughout the years, the importance of the wedding favor has diminished immensely. Largely because of the number of tacky gifts that couples give out to their guests, these favors get stashed in the far corners of the home. As a bride, you will prefer that your guests will enjoy the favor that you gave them; especially if it was specially and carefully thought of. If you are still looking for a wedding favor to give, here are some tips that can help you:

Follow Your Theme

One of the easiest ways you can pick out a wedding favor to give to your guests is to follow your theme. For example, if you will have a beach wedding, you can give out wedding favors that your guests can use on the beach—personalized mini sunblock lotions, flip flops, and even dried starfish are some examples that you can use.

Share Your Interests

You can also share your interests and hobbies with your guests by giving these out as a wedding favor. One example is if you and your husband love plants, you can give out plant seeds to your guests. This is a great way you can invite them to try gardening and enjoy seeing their plants grow beautifully.

Local Treats

If you had a destination wedding, you may also give out wedding favors filled with items that are locally produced in that destination. This way, you can let your guests remember your wedding and the destination they went to.

There are plenty of different items you can use as a wedding favor gift to your guests. A good suggestion is to browse through our selection of wedding favor items to make your hunt a lot easier! Remember, these items will act as a gift of gratitude for your guests’ attendance. Make sure that you pick out a memorable item.

Alternatives for the Traditional Wedding Cake

Nowadays, there are plenty of couples that make do without an extravagant cake for their wedding. Especially for couples that aren’t too fond of this sweet, delicious treat, you will be pleased to know that there are some alternatives that you can use instead of a typical multi-tiered wedding cake. If you would like to go with another option for your wedding cake, you can choose other alternatives such as:


Cupcake Tower

One of the reasons why there are couples that opt for a cupcake tower instead of a traditional wedding cake is because of the excess amounts of cake that won’t be consumed by each guest. When you use a cupcake tower for your wedding, your guests will not feel the need to consume every single part of the cake.


Various Pies

If you’re not fond of sweet delicacies, you can go for something a more savory option like pie. The good thing about using pie is that it comes in a variety of flavors that you can choose from. You can even have your baker create an assortment of pies including all your favorite varieties. This way, you get to enjoy them on your wedding day.

rustic cookie buffet

Cookie Buffet

If you’re the type of person who prefers cookies over cakes, you can incorporate this to your wedding. Instead of using a traditional wedding cake, you can opt for a cookie buffet where all your favorite cookie varieties will be prepared by the caterer you hired. As a bonus, you can even include vanilla ice cream at the end of the buffet so that your guests can turn their serving into a cookie ala mode or even a classic ice cream sandwich.

Remember to choose something that you and your spouse can enjoy together; especially if you are planning to use one of these options as an alternative for your wedding cake cutting ceremony. If you decide to stick with the traditional wedding cake for this part of the reception, however, make sure that you browse through our selection of cake knife servers so you can cut your cake in style!

Finding the Right Bridesmaids Gift

As a bride, it is customary to give out gifts to your bridesmaids either before or after your wedding. This tradition has long been practiced as a way of letting your bridesmaids know how thankful you are that they took part of such an important role in your wedding. Because it is a token of your appreciation, you should be careful in choosing the right gift to give your bridesmaids.


So how do you find the right gift? Here are some things to remember when picking out one:

Consider their interests

Because your bridesmaids are usually your friends, you already have an idea of who they are and what their interests are. A good gift to give them would be something that embodies their personality. If your friends are into reading, you can get them customized book bags they can store their books into when they travel.

Choose something functional

Another tip in finding the right gift for your bridesmaids is to go for something functional—this means that she can wear the item more than once. A good tip here would be matching robes that they can wear.

Get something that signifies your friendship

You may also go for a friendship band to help signify your bond with your bridesmaids. This way, you get to let them know how appreciative you are of their friendship with you.

As the bride, you can choose to give out similar gifts to each of your bridesmaids. This way, it can symbolize your wedding day and they will remember it forever. Make sure that when you give your bridesmaids a gift, you include a personalized thank you note.

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Preserving Your Wedding Gown

So, you planned and achieved your perfect wedding gown and everyone liked it. After the event, what do you with it? Some people choose to sell their gowns at thrift stores, others hand them down to cousins and friends who will cut and basically overhaul the look of the gown.

Screen Shot 2014-02-20 at 5.32.57 AM

While others prefer to cherish the symbol of a great and memorable wedding by preserving wedding gowns. Some think preserving wedding gowns would cost them thousands of dollars and it would be too cumbersome. However, there are stores and online businesses that provide wedding gown preservation at a manageable price. Preserving a wedding gown means freezing that moment in time where a bride felt she is the most beautiful woman in the world!

A wedding gown shares the same emotion that the bride felt during the day of her wedding, call it an imprint or call it sentimentality but wedding gowns are best preserved rather than rot in your closet or have someone else wear something that has meaning in your life. You wouldn’t just give away a wedding ring or any of the symbolic things used in a marriage so why should a wedding gown be treated differently?

So, how do they do it anyway?

First, stains are removed from your gown and it thoroughly cleaned with special attention given to the neckline, which is prone to perspiration, dirt and make-up smudges. The Wedding Gown Preservation Experts then shape your gown and position the bust form and put some fillers on the sleeves. The gown is then wrapped in acid-free tissue and placed in a preservation chest and placed in a carton for shipping.

You can always try to preserve the wedding gown yourself but if something is important and really matters to you, it is best to trust the experts.

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