The #1 Mistake The Mother Of The Bride Can Make (And How To Avoid It!)



As the mother of the bride, you want to do everything you can to make sure your daughter has the happiest, most stress-free wedding experience possible. This starts during the planning process and, believe it or not, you can find yourself being one of the sources of that stress. How? Your dress!

The mother of the bride may not think that the dress they chose is of much importance, but to a lot of brides it is. And there’s one EASY solution to avoid any conflict: Talk to your daughter and involve her in your choice. We know what you’re thinking. “I’m perfectly capable of choosing an appropriate dress on my own. I’m a grown woman!” Think again. Here are 5 ways things can go terribly wrong. Choosing the Color – The wedding may only last one day, but the photos are forever. Find out what color the bridesmaids are wearing and choose accordingly. Don’t wear the same color (unless the bride has specified otherwise). If the bridal party will be in pastel pink, it may be nice to choose another pastel color, or a soft floral. If the color scheme is dark red, perhaps a deep purple might be nice. Your daughter may have a specific vision for the color scheme and you want to respect it.

Bride Hugging Mother On Wedding DayThe Big Reveal – Are you a sexy mama? (Not sure? If you are, you probably already know!). Keep in mind that the happy couple is the focus that day. Even if you have the legs of a 25 year old, or particularly perky cleavage, show it off another day. There are plenty of understated styles that are hip and show your amazing shape without leaving anyone feeling embarrassed. You may want to scale it down on that day.

Too Blingy – Knowing the theme and location of the wedding is paramount in this case. Is it a rustic barn theme? Will you be on the beach? Casual weddings are becoming more popular and you don’t want to look too formal. Don’t assume just because it’s on a Saturday night that you should show up in a floor-length sequins ensemble. The bride may be in cowboy boots. The groomsmen may be sporting Chuck Taylors. Double check with your daughter and fit in with her vision. The bride should shine the most!

Mother of the Groom – Since there are going to be family photos taken, check with your daughter and make sure you find out what the groom’s mother is wearing. Do you want to wear the same color? What if her dress is short? What if she’s wearing a pants suit? You probably don’t want to make the same choices. While you don’t want to upstage the bride, the mother of the bride wants to look her best also. If you show up in a short blue dress, just like the mother of the groom, no one will be talking about how great you look, they’ll just remember your fashion faux pas.

The Bride’s Choice – The bride may have a specific vision for what she wants you to wear. While it should definitely be your ultimate decision and you need to be happy also, at least have a conversation and hear her out. She may want the entire bridal party in black, or seasonal colors, or neutrals. At least have a general idea of her preference before you get your heart set on anything. Keep her general opinions in mind while you’re shopping.

*BONUS – Just like shopping with your daughter for her wedding gown can be a cherished experience, shopping for your dress can be special, too! Experience as much as you can together and make it memorable.

Can Mothers of the Bride Wear Black

Mother of the Bride, Black Dress

Jade by Jasmine Mother of the Bride Black Dress

Black Dresses are Popular

Mothers of the bride and groom want to look gorgeous on their daughter’s or son’s special day but must select an appropriate dress. In the past, it was considered inappropriate for anyone in the bridal party to wear black, but that is now an out of date concept. There are great reasons for a woman to choose a mother’s of the bride dress made of black fabric. Today, many wedding ceremonies are performed in the evening with an overall theme of darker colors. Wedding invitations requesting that the bridal party and guests wear black garments is a current theme to make it easier for everyone to shop.

Black Fabric Coordinates with Everything

Alternatively, bridesmaid dresses are frequently made of a fabric color such as gray or burgundy that will coordinate nicely with a black dress worn by the mother of the bride. Bridesmaid dresses are often made in patterns that combine black with other colors. One of the most popular dress styles for a bridesmaid is one that has a silk sash around the waist. If the bridesmaids are wearing a bright red or royal blue dress with a black sash, then wearing a mother of the bride dress made of black fabric looks fantastic in photographs.

Mothers of the Bride Dresses in Black are Economical

Black is a classic color for any occasion and helps to prevent wedding photographs from looking outdated in a few years. Choosing a black dress for the mother of the bride or groom is often an economical choice because it can easily be worn for different occasions after the wedding. Searching for bridesmaid dresses along with garments for both the bride’s and groom’s mothers is not always easy due to the diverse sizes and body shapes of each woman. When everyone in the bridal party wears a black dress, it is easy to find a variety of styles that look great on each person. The color black is always flattering, appropriate, and elegant.

How to make your wedding reception memorable

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How to Throw a Co-Ed Engagement Party Everyone Will Enjoy

You’re engaged and now it’s time for the fun to begin.  It’s party time! One of the most anticipated parties for a couple is the engagement party.  OK, maybe it hasn’t been something grooms anticipate, but we’re going to change that with this blog post.

photo credit:  John Althouse Cohen

photo credit: John Althouse Cohen

We want to share a few ideas on how you can throw a fun engagement party for everyone, including the groom and his buddies.

  • Location – Where you choose to have your engagement party can add to the fun and excitement felt by all guests; male and female.  Why not throw the party in a pub, bar, or favorite watering hole?  Many pubs have an area that you can reserve for a private party.  If your wedding is in a ballroom then this is the perfect opportunity to lighten up a bit and let your hair down.  If you’re looking for a fun and exciting engagement party, why not rent a nightclub? That’s right, you can have your party with a DJ, drinks, and plenty of dancing!


  • Theme it – More and more we’re seeing couples throw themed engagement parties.  This is an excellent way of getting your groom and his buddies involved.  Why don’t you let your groom choose the theme?  There are endless possibilities, but one of our favorites is a “couples through history” theme. There’s Romeo and Juliet, Superman and Lois Lane, Danny and Sandy, even Ronald and Nancy Reagan.  The guys will have fun with this one.


  • A Sexy Cocktail Party – You can never go wrong with a simple, sexy, cocktail party.  Be sure to provide great food, cocktails, and music of all sorts.  Create an atmosphere conducive to mingling, bring in some beautiful flowers.


With so many choices, it really does come down to what’s best for the engaged couple.  Be true to yourself and you’ll never be unhappy.

Of course, when it comes to buying the favors for your party, we have everything you need here at the Wedding Accessories Superstore.  Why not stop by and get inspired by our displays and ask advice on how to throw an engagement party that no one will forget.  Of course, we want to see your engagement party pics.  Like our Facebook page so that we can see them and we might post them on our wall.

Funny and Eyebrow Raising Wedding Traditions

As a wedding accessory superstore, we’re fascinated with weddings and where wedding traditions started.  Some of these traditions are hilarious while others are somewhat eyebrow raising.

photo credit: flickr/ Tilemahos Efthimiadis

photo credit: flickr/ Tilemahos Efthimiadis

For example, did you know:

  • The term “best man” stems back to Scotland when brides were kidnapped by Scotsmen.  The groom’s friend who succeeded in the kidnapping was considered the “best man.” I’m sure glad that tradition doesn’t exist anymore. :0)
  • Do you know why June is an exceptionally popular month for weddings?  Well I’m pretty sure now-a-days it’s because the weather is nicer (except in Phoenix where it’s blistering) but in the 1500s, May was the month people took their annual bath. That’s right, annual.  So by June, they still smelled good.  And if they didn’t still smell good, then the bride would carry a bouquet of flowers to mask the smell. :0)  What do you think of that?
  • The tradition of the wedding cake came from Ancient Rome where revelers would break bread over a bride’s head to ensure fertility. That just sounds messy, kind of like stuffing cake into each other’s mouths, right?  I guess our traditions aren’t that far off.
  • A bride traditionally stands at a grooms left because he needed his right hand to fight off other suitors.  That would be an interesting wedding to attend don’t you think?

These are some of my favorite wedding traditions.  Do you have a favorite?  Please share it in a comment below.  Meanwhile, if you’re looking for any traditional wedding items like, favors, gowns, shoes, cake toppers, reception items, and more, please check out our online wedding accessory superstore or come into our Phoenix store.


Ideas for Bridesmaid Gifts



So, you have picked your bridesmaids, and they have taken their duties with responsibility, like trying on hundreds of taffeta dress, unwrapping piles of gifts at your wedding shower, and giving a toast to you at the bachelorette party. Your bridesmaids have been patient throughout the process, dealt with your stress, cheered you up when you needed, and done everything they were supposed to. When it’s all said and done, it’s now your turn to show some love and appreciation to them. And with our great ideas for gifts, you will definitely impress your bridesmaids as they have impressed you!

Honeycomb Card Cases – For a girl who is always on the move around  town, a cute and compact case that can stash her credit cards, train passes, cash, and a lipstick and eyeliner will definitely do the trick to impress her!

Fair Trade Cosmetic Bag – This clutch is a must have for a woman who is a beauty with brains. Made by artisans from Guatemala and adhering to the Fair Trade practices, your BFF will definitely appreciate this small gesture of appreciation from you.

Not into fancy products or buying something specific? Why not try these ideas:

A Customized T-shirt or Mug – How does the idea of giving a customized T-shirt of coffee mug that says ‘best bridesmaid ever’ with a picture of you and the bridesmaid sound? Definitely sounds good to me, and if you add a little creativity, like a message that only the two of you will get, it will definitely be a gift that she will cherish.

A Special Toast – While a toast is not really a gift, it can be one if you have an emotional and heartwarming speech with it. Honoring your bridesmaid with a special toast will definitely make her appreciate you more. Better yet, get your toast speech for the bridesmaid printed on a coffee mug, or anything that she can use everyday!



Get Your Dog Ready for Your Wedding

Weddings are family events and if you consider your pets part of your family, it’s only natural to want to include them in your big day. Of course, for such a big event, you don’t want to just have them in any old collar.

For the canine ring bearer, a doggie tuxedo is the perfect choice. Your pup will look very dapper in this classic style, complete with a bow tie. He can carry the rings on a special pet-friendly ring pillow.


If you’re planning on including a furry flower girl, a skirt and flower collar are a fabulous idea. These can be further accessorized with a ring bearer pillow or even ring bearer wings.

Any pet, whether a part of the ceremony or guest, can be given a special style with a wedding bow, too. This is perfect if you are having a less formal wedding where a tuxedo would leave your dog overdressed for the occasion.

Whatever your pet wears, you’ll want to get their attire and many other great wedding accessories at a great price. To find out what we offer, check out our online superstore now!



Will a Tuxedo Be Too Hot in the Summer?

It’s no secret that summer is hot here in Arizona, and many men worry that they’ll be too hot to wear a tuxedo. You can still look fantastic and formal for your big day. Here are a few ways to beat the heat.


If you want to wear a tuxedo, consider one in a lighter-weight fabric. Your tuxedo rental specialists can help you find lighter tuxedos that will help you better handle the heat. You could also opt for a white tuxedo, which will reflect the heat of the sun, making you more comfortable. A light grey tux is also a great summer choice.

You could also consider wearing a suit instead. There are many suit styles that still carry the formality you want without using heavy fabric. Lighter suits are a popular choice, but will have a less formal style.

It is also important to remember that just because the weather is warm, the venue might not be. Oftentimes a venue will overcompensate for the heat with its air conditioning. If your event will be indoors, you shouldn’t need to make any special allowances for the summer weather.

To find out more about finding the perfect tux, come by our Phoenix superstore!


Photo: Flickr/The Falcondale



Tight Budget? Fabulous Bridesmaid Dresses Under $100

Being a bridesmaid is a big commitment. You need to provide emotional support to the bride. You need to be there as she picks out the perfect dress. You need to help her get ready on the big day. You need to attend her shower and other pre-wedding events. You need to buy the dress the bride has picked out. All of this takes dedication… and money.

Bridesmaids who are on a tight budget might find that they worry about the cost of the dress, in particular. After all, this is something that has to be perfect and that there might not be a choice about. If your maids are concerned about costs, consider these fabulous bridesmaid styles, each of which is less than $100.



This cocktail-length dress by Alfred Angelo is an excellent choice for a spring or summer wedding. Available in a wide range of sizes and colors, its halter style cut is flattering, too. To make it even more attractive, it can easily be worn for other occasions.



This satin strapless dress from Mary’s Modern Maids collection is a fun and beautiful option. The asymmetrical pleats and flower detail make this dress look formal while still being perfect for a night of dancing and celebration.


This full-skirted satin strapless gown from Eden is perfect for a vintage or retro wedding. It is available in a range of colors that are perfect for any wedding palette.

For more budget-friendly and beautiful bridesmaids dresses, check out our online superstore or visit us at our Phoenix superstore today!

Make Sure Your Flower Girl Looks Fantastic

Having children as part of your wedding is always special, and one role that is perfect for a younger family member or friend is the flower girl. Whether you have one or a few, this member of the wedding party is always sure to get plenty of ‘Awwwws’ from the guests. As a bride, though, you need to find something that is right for her to wear.


The traditional choice is to have the flower girl in a white dress. This is often a dress that looks similar to that of the bride. However, for today’s brides, it can be more important to find a dress that is appropriate for the age and personality of the flower girl herself.

While most flower girls will be under 10 years old, it is possible to have an older girl fill the role. In this case, it can be worth considering finding a junior bridesmaid dress. Many bridesmaid styles offer a similar style for younger maids.

For younger flower girls, it can be important to find a dress that they are comfortable wearing. Looking cute is key, but having a little girl who is tugging at her dress is never a good idea. Be sure to consider the weather, as well.

The first step to finding a great flower girl dress is finding a shop with a great selection to choose from. To see all the dresses we have to offer, visit our online superstore or visit us at our Phoenix store!


Photo: Flickr/Logan Brumm